Christian Women's Fellowship (CWF)
Our purpose is to "To develop all women in Christian living and in Christian service as part of the witnessing Church of Jesus Christ."

Fellowship Opening Prayer:  Unto thee, O God we give our thanks and lift our hearts in prayer.  May Thy presence be with us and Thy love surround us as we work together in Christian Fellowship.  Open our eyes to the needs of the world and fill our hearts with concern for all people.  Guide us that we may truly serve Thee, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen

C.W.F. Benediction:  God be merciful to us, bless us and cause Your face to shine upon us, that Your way may be known upon the earth, Your saving health among all Nations, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.

First Christian Church has two CWF groups - #2 and #5.                                          

Service programs
Blanket Fund, Food Pantries, ICWF Service Projects, Interchurch Reserve
Community Service 
Bridge of Hope
Sock & Mitten Tree
 A lot of things have changed here at First Christian Church, the numbers of people, youth and adults, the activities, many faces have come and gone. The halls may be a little quieter here, but one thing remains the same....the wonderful fellowship found by the women that belong to Christian Women's Fellowship.

Focus on Group Two

         Group two meets in the afternoons with members taking turns hosting the meetings, generally in the church fellowship hall.  

       Shirley, one of Group 2's members who joined the church in about 1946, says that the most important thing about Christian Women's Fellowship is the fellowship.  Fellowship is what holds the group together and provides a lasting and life long friendship for the women. 

Focus on Group Five

Group 5 meets the third Thursday of each month except June in the homes of group members.  In December the group goes out to eat.  Group 5 participates in the ministries of CWF/Disciple Women, which includes preparing and serving funeral dinners.  Families appreciate a meal and a place to meet after the loss of a loved one.  The group has an offering for Community Service which is given to a local need.  We give a general offering to CWF/Disciple Women also.  Our women join Group 2 for a cookie sale the first Saturday in December.  Both groups have a general meeting four times a year.  We feel it is part of our Christian witness to serve the congregation, the community and the world.