Looking through the History books, we found records of the Quilters back to 1965.  We aren't sure if that was the very beginning or not as some have said that they believe the quilters began in the late 1940's.
  Some of the quilts they work on already had the top assembled and just need batting, to be tied, or quilted and bound or hemmed.  There is always a waiting list of people needing quilts completed.  Sometimes it cn take up to a year to get your name to the top of the list.
   In 1965 it cost $10.00 to quilt a large quilt, $3 to $5 for crib quilts.  lap quilts were sold for $1.25.  Today they charge by the inch to quilt for others, which usually amounts to about $125 for a beginning price but varies depending on the size.
   Some of the ladies cut squares of different sizes for the tyed comforters.  They are made mostly of polyester material, of which a lot is donated,  some are cotton.  These squares are then sewn together for the top & put together with batting and lining & then tied.
  The money made from quilting is given to the church.  Quilts are given to the Police Department, Rape & Domestic Abuse Victims, The Lincoln Connection, Veterns Home, Nursing Homes and Santa Cop.
   The fellowship over coffee, brunch, or potluck with one another, the crafters and the knitters makes for a fun day and very fulfilling.